Does God Care About Me?

Does God Care?

God loves you with everlasting love!

Does God care about you?  The quick answer?  Yes, absolutely.  He loves you with everlasting love.  A love so far beyond what you can understand it will take the rest of eternity to show you.  And you can know Him now.  If you want to get to know Him now, please go to the  “Know Him Now Tab” by clicking here.  Otherwise, stick with me for the explanation.


In the “End Times” tab we talked about the signs that tell us we are in end times and some of what is about to unfold. One thing that’s about to unfold is a religious war that will likely span the whole earth. It’s really important to understand that while it would appear there are many faiths on the earth, many religions, many systems, many governments, many countries etc.; there are really only two forces that men follow on earth: God and Satan. Good and evil. Light and dark.  Take a moment to think about this and understand.

All arguments, civil wars, religious divisions, misunderstandings come down to what’s beneath the surface – greed/ power/ lust/ pride etc.  These are all attributes of evil, and the author of rebellion and evil is Satan.

  1. God is real. The Devil is real.

god vs devilAnd there is a spiritual battle raging on this earth.

God is not only real, He is the creator of the universe, the author and perfector of your faith and life, and an eternal being that loves you more than you can possibly understand. You have been lied to all your life by a world that is set up against God. He has very little to do with the religions of the world. As you have always suspected, much of religion is set up by man and frankly excludes God. Forget what you think God is, or religion is – this is between you and your creator. If you have been hurt by religion, or by religious people, please let that go while you read this. Try to separate the systems of the world (which are largely corrupt), and the people of the world (who are all fallen sinners) from the wonderful, living God who loves you dearly. And never underestimate the devil who wants to destroy mankind. He uses man’s greed and lust for power to destroy others, and he’s very good at it!

Satan is the father of lies and the biggest lie that the Devil has you believe is that he’s not real! He can do more damage to you that way.  He is very real and very active on the world stage and in your mind and relationships.

So yes, God is real.  God cares for you.  And He has made a way for you to come to Him and know Him.

  1. Heaven is real. Hell is real.

In the same way thatheaven hell sign 2

God LOVES you and wants you to live in heaven for eternity with Him,

the Devil HATES you and wants you to live in hell for eternity with him.

Put another way –
Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy
but Jesus came so you could have abundant, eternal life. (John 10:10)

  1. Angels are real. Demons are real.

angelsWhy do we have a history of angels and demons in our culture? Because they are real. Yes, you have a guardian angel whose job it is to protect you. And yes, demons are sent to attack you, harm you and take you away from God. These attacks are mainly spiritual in nature and are about to intensify and get worse. We are in the midst of a massive spiritual battle and few even recognize this. What breaks the power of evil and the demon’s grip on you? The name of Jesus and love break the power of evil.

This is important so I will say it again –

The name of Jesus breaks the power of evil.
Love breaks the power of evil.  And Jesus IS love.

  1. Your Soul is Eternal.

Your body will die but your soul and spirit are created to be eternal.eternity in mans heart

In the same way that energy cannot be destroyed but it only changes form
(i.e. The energy of friction turns to heat, or the energy of water can change to electricity)

We cannot be destroyed but only change form from the physical realm to the spiritual realm.

There are only two eternal destinations:  heaven and hell.
Heaven is where God dwells.  He is pure and holy and full of love.  To be in heaven you must also be pure and holy and full of love.  The problem is, because Satan is in control of this earth, and we are born into sin, none of us are pure and holy.  Even our best “good” is not good enough.  We are so steeped in his ways that we don’t even recognize this!

  1. God Sent His Son So We Could Be Reconciled to Him

jesus crossWhat a wonderful god He is!  He loves us and wants us to be with Him.  So He sent Jesus to be a sacrifice for our sins.  I will explain more in the “Know God Now” tab why this sacrifice was needed, but the point is, He did for us what we need in order to be right with God and access heaven.  All we have to do is receive Him as our Saviour.

Understand that

a) Jesus paid the price so you don’t have to.
b) The choices you make in this life will determine where you spend eternity
c) The “wisdom” of this world will consign you to the flames (hell).

Many think that this world is all there is and that like the ants and lilies we just return to dust at the end of it. That it doesn’t matter how we lived or that if we are “nice” and “kind” to people we will be ok.

But none of that is true!

We either live in union with God or rebellion against Him.

It’s just one of God’s laws, just like gravity or physics. If you don’t KNOW Him then you by default are in sin and rebellion against Him.

  • Even if you are a nice person,
  • Even if you are a good person,
  • Even if you rescue kittens and grow organic vegetables…

If you don’t KNOW Him you are destined to spend eternity without him – that is with the Devil in Hell.

 I know this sounds so harsh but it’s just the truth.

For every action there is a consequence. Let’s look at some consequences that we accept and even take for granted:

“if you run into the traffic and get hit by a truck you will die”
(laws of momentum/ mass/ mortality)

 if you step off a high balcony you will fall and plunge to your death.”
(law of gravity/mortality)

“if you don’t know God when you die you will go to hell for eternity.”
(law of sin)

If you run into the traffic You will get hit and die Momentum/ mass/mortality
If you step off a high balcony You will plunge to your death Gravity/ mortality
If you don’t know God You will go to hell for eternity Sin

We would never say – oh “that’s not fair” or “but I didn’t know” or “what kind of God would make that rule?” for the first two examples! We don’t question these things because we understand the laws of physics and are essentially “forewarned”. We also know that whether we understand them or not, or believe them or not…they are true and the consequences are predictable.

In the same way, whether you understand the law of sin or believe it,
it is still true and there are predictable consequences for rejecting God.

We teach our children the first two things (don’t run into the road because you could get hit and … stay away from the edge!) but we don’t teach our children the most basic spiritual law of the universe – turn to God or perish! We take his love and life for granted. Everything good on this earth is from him. From every blade of grass and every star in the sky to basics like kindness and goodness.

We are living in an age of GRACE and MERCY but mercy can only be reached while we are alive on earth. Once you stop breathing, no matter how you die, you are done. Furthermore, when He removes his love from the earth in the very near future and evil is allowed to descend and given cart blanche, you will see the dramatic difference. Right now He is holding the tide back.

He is Invisible but Vital to Life – Like Air and Light

plantYou might say – I can’t see God so I don’t believe. But He it is much like air and light. You can’t see them but you need them to live. You take air for granted but every molecule in your body needs it every moment of your life. The minute air is taken away from you, you will begin to value it above all else and desperately seek for it. Suddenly you will find that NOTHING is more important than air. You can only live for a few minutes without it.

It is like that with God. You might take for granted everything He gives you in your life and only see the value on your death-bed. As your soul travels towards hell you will suddenly and frantically start calling out for God.  Don’t let this be your experience. Hell is far worse than you can imagine.

We are often ungrateful because we don’t understand that like the light that causes life to grow and flourish, without Him we wither and die.

  1. God is WONDERFUL and You Can Know Him Personally!

jesus hugsI have known the Lord Jesus for almost 30 years. I can tell you with all sincerity and experience that He is a GOOD, LOVING, KIND, MERCIFUL, BEAUTIFUL God!! HE is REAL and AVAILABLE! He is HERE NOW.   Does God care about you?   Yes, Yes, Yes!  HE LOVES YOU AND KNOWS YOUR EVERY BREATH – and HE LONGS FOR YOU TO KNOW HIM.

This is not about “religion”. It’s about the God who made the universe. He keeps the atoms humming, the birds flying, the crops growing, and your heart beating.

He’s not an aloof God, He’s not some “unknowable essence”, He’s not a God of hatred or destruction – He’s a God of pure everlasting love. Don’t believe the lies about Him! Or take what men do in His name to be His nature or instructions!

Ask yourself the question I asked myself as a scientifically trained professional 30 years ago – if God is real, why wouldn’t I want to know Him? But don’t just take my word – find out for yourself!!! Humble yourself and turn to Him, take Him as your Saviour and He will show Himself to you. You will feel different…you will KNOW.   Any Christian can pray with you and bring you into His presence or you can pray to receive Him by yourself. 

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7)

  1. The World is About to Be Judged.

hammerHe is a loving God but His patience is running out. And this world is running out. It will soon be judged. Just as a criminal can run for all his life, when he gets caught and brought to justice he will have to face his sentence. This world is about to be judged, as are all of us starting with His church, His people, and all of their deeds followed by the “unbelievers”, the ones who don’t know Him.

This includes you and all the people you care about.

For those of you who wonder about retribution for the atrocities committed by “the church” in the past. For those of you who wonder where God is when young women are raped and trafficked, where evil is done, where young men are trained to kill, where children are beheaded, where corporate profits take the place over clean water and air, and where animals die en masse because of human activity … you can rest assured that He IS coming and He WILL judge this earth and the evil on it. He has delayed this long because He wants the full number of people who are going to come to know Him to do so.  I’M PRAYING THIS COULD BE YOU.

He has delayed this long and you still have a chance to be one of His!

(Note: If you are wondering why God allows evil on this earth it is because most of humanity has turned away from God and simply allows Satan free reign. Satan is the author of all the evil on the earth. God allows us free choice; most of us have unwittingly chosen the Devil over our Creator.)

So – Does God care for you?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  And He has done everything possible to make a way for you to come to Him.  He loves you with an everlasting love and He is waiting, right now for you to come and get to know Him.  Eternal life is a gift He gives freely and immediately when you come and ask!

gods handIf you run to Him now you will be lovingly saved for all eternity.

If you are ready to know God, click here!

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