Praise Songs to Touch the Lord With!

praise songs

Let everything with breath praise the Lord! Psalm 150

Praise Songs bring us close to the Lord and help us get to know Him, love Him and enjoy His presence as our spirit connects with His Spirit.  Praise songs help us forget ourselves and enter into Him.  If you are having a tough time touching Him, sing praise to Him and keep  singing to Him until you feel His presence!  There is so much to add here, this tab will be a work in progress.

First up – There is one way to Heaven and to God only – and that is through His son Jesus Christ.  He made the perfect way for us to receive Him, be cleansed of our sin and be able to stand before our holy God.   I wrote this song when I was severely ill and thought I might be dying.  I wasn’t afraid of dying – because dying just meant I got to be with my Lord sooner than expected.  I was actually a little excited about that.  But I didn’t want to die not be “ready” or to stand before Him with unconfessed sin.  I struggled to my knees and as I prayed to Him this song just poured out.  As you listen come to Him with a humble heart, be prepared to surrender and confess and He will bless, forgive, restore and heal you.  Whether you have known Him a long time or just getting to know Him now this song will bless you.

I Confess I’m a Sinner – By Leah Catherine

El Shaddai by Amy Grant.  This song sings to the majesty and amazingness of our God!

Ok this is not a praise song…but it’s a song that summarizes the truth about our lives without God

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