Prophecy for December 2016

Hi everyone.  This is a prophetic word that just came out today.   There are thousands of people prophesying around the world right now.  The Holy Spirit is pouring out His revelations all over the place.  God never moves without first warning His people through His Prophets.  I think it…

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Evil Has a Name – The Puppet Master

If you don’t know who George Soros is, I’m so glad you have found this blog. Watching the two attached videos is one of the most important things you can do to understand what is going on in the world and in the USA right now.   Please watch them…

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Planet X update

There is another solar system within our solar system.  Some people call it Planet X, some call it Niburu, some call it Nemesis.  It has been known about for a long time but the authorities don’t want you to know about it because that would cause panic and confusion.  …

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Why Are They Pushing for NUCLEAR WAR? (WWIII)

The world has been on the brink of nuclear war many many times this year alone.  July was especially intense.  While the western media have almost completely ignored it…Russia and China have been  doing nuclear war drills.  Russia did one with over 40 million people!!! Europe has been telling its…

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Sudden Destruction

What Does the End Look Like? Christians have been predicting the second coming of Christ for 2000 years.  Jews have been waiting for their Messiah  much longer than that.  Below is a link to Matthew 24 which talks about the end times, I have also attached the whole chapter to…

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Your Urgent Prayer Needed Now

Urgent prayer needed now for individuals and your city, country, region.  We have reached a critical end point.  Not only has the trap been completely laid for all of humanity, it is beginning to close in.  (too many videos to list re this – watch the Alex Jones channel or…

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Love is Never Wasted Says the Lord Jesus

Love is never wasted says the lord – so why do I hurt so much? What is it that hurts the most? When you have poured out your love for your partner and they treat you appallingly for decades? When you have spent your life caring for and loving a…

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Blood Moons are significant in Biblical prophesy

Blood moons (the moon turning red) are a huge sign from God! In the last 2000 years there have been 8 Tetrads – 4 blood moons in a row over a two year period.   Interestingly they fall on Jewish holy days.  In each time there have been significant things…

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Three Days of Darkness Coming Soon!

Three days of darkness will descend before the lord comes.  This is a time of testing, repentance, and transformation.  It will also be a time of great fear on the earth and Jesus wants us to be prepared for it. He will appear to all people all over the world…

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Prophecy and Planet X Niburu

prophecy and planet X


Prophecy and Planet X Niburu are important because they fill in the incomplete science that is available.   I have written three posts on Planet X Niburu to try to make sense of what the science says is coming our way.  While it’s a fascinating subject, I do this only because God is warning something BIG is on the horizon and the very near future.  Something that will change us forever.  Something that will bring great calamity and pain and death and mayhem to the earth.  Of course, I’m scientifically trained so I try to make sense of it in my mind.  But the Lord has said many times for us not to lean on our own understanding but to TRUST HIM.  And trust Him we must.

So, what has He said to His prophets about this upcoming event?  Below I have posted some recent videos that speak of this event.  I will post the most recent and work backwards.  Feel free to follow these threads yourself.

Bottom line:

-An eternity changing event is imminent for the entire planet.
-Millions of people will die.
-Be ready by surrendering to Jesus.  Confessing all your sin.  Turning your back on the world and embracing Him.
-Tell everyone you know that this is coming.
-Help them come to Jesus.

He has promised that everyone who belongs to Him will be taken care of.  That means you either live through the event itself or your spirit is taken just before death…just before the calamity hits…so don’t stress.  He loves you and will tenderly care for you even if you are at “ground zero” of the event.

Those who do not know Him and perish in the calamity will go straight to Hell.  This is not my opinion, it is a fact according to the Bible.

So, where do you sit in this continuum?  Do you KNOW Him?  Do you want to know Him?
If you want to know Him now click here!

We all wait with baited breath to see what is about to occur.  For those who know Him – I will see you on the other side!  For those who don’t – I beg you now…come to Jesus and be saved for eternity.  He loves you.  You will not regret it.  Put aside your pride, bend your knees…and come to Him now.

Below are several prophets that I listen to.  Please go to their youtube channels for more depth information:

Sharon Garrison
Terri Taplin
Jesus Rules
Still Small Voice
Gods love His family
Urgent words from Lord Jesus

There are many more…explore if you have time.

Prophecy Planet X Niburu

The Earth Will Rock Like a Drunkard

This is Not a Drill

Pray for the World

The Sixth Seal is Opening

Just as in the Days of Noah – The Warnings Will Cease

 The Sky is Falling

Things Are About to Begin (the transcript for the video is underneath)

Grace Has Closed

The Critical Hour Approaches

 Black Planet – Purple Sky

My Elect – Time to Saddle Up!


Shift Coming