Evil Has a Name – The Puppet Master

If you don’t know who George Soros is, I’m so glad you have found this blog.george-soros

Watching the two attached videos is one of the most important things you can do to understand what is going on in the world and in the USA right now.   Please watch them with an open mind as the shadow government that is controlling us is revealed.

This is real.  This is happening.  It affects everything that is going on in our society right now.


His plan is to completely destroy North America and the world to bring in the one world government and new world order –

which he and his THUGS will control.

As Glen Beck says – question everything, do your own research.  It’s all out there now.

george-soros-2Please watch and understand and reassess what the mainstream media is telling us.  Remember that Soros OWNS the mainstream media. Everything you see/hear/are fed is from this guy.  Everything they are telling you is a lie.   The truth IS out there – it is all over the internet.  Please do the research while the internet is still somewhat free.

Remember whatever the media says about Clinton is controlled and pushed forward by his agenda.  Also remember, that whatever the media says about Trump is also controlled by his agenda.  He OWNS Clinton – he doesn’t own Trump,  That’s why the media is so anti-trump.  Sure, Trump’s not perfect  but he’s not the idiot they make him out to be either.    Trump ran with his own money whereas Clinton was bought and sold by Soros.  He is his own man whereas she is just a puppet controlled by Soros.

Watch this and make your own decision!

George Soros owns Hilary Clinton – you need to see this


Soros’s Formula for Killing America: A Brief Guide, for Americans

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