Why Are They Pushing for NUCLEAR WAR? (WWIII)

atomic-bombThe world has been on the brink of nuclear war many many times this year alone.  July was especially intense.  While the western media have almost completely ignored it…Russia and China have been  doing nuclear war drills.  Russia did one with over 40 million people!!!

Europe has been telling its people to stock up on food and necessities because dire things are coming.

The Japanese have started training their people for war and have reversed the decision they made after WWII to never armour up again.

The elite have built bunkers underground all over the world.

They are clearly preparing for a worldwide nuclear exhange.


There are no good reasons to start a nuclear war that will leave millions dead, nations devastated.  So you better believe that the reasons they want war is all bad.

In a nutshell the globalists want terrorism and nuclear war to create the kind of chaos that will bring the entire planet to its knees begging for a world government that will put an end to all this.  The world will be desperate for peace and the globalists will step in and create that.  Order out of chaos is their motto and we will fall for it.

They will do the same with religion.  They will say that all this mayhem is about religious issues and take steps to ban any religion but a global one.  For you atheists, no, they will not let you not believe.  You will have to “worship” their god like everyone else.  For people of faith, you will have to deny your beliefs or be killed.  More about this in another post.

Other bloggers will do a much better job than me to talk about all the factors that are going on.  I have put some links below but PLEASE do your own research.  Just type in WWIII and see what comes up.  Alex Jones is incredible for coverage but there are hundreds of channels offering info on this.

The US is ACTIVELY pushing the Russians to world war.  They are pushing on all kinds of military fronts but also on the political front.  Hilary, in a desperate bid to divert attention from her lies, deleted emails and other crimes has publicly blamed the Russians for stealing the emails and declared cyber war on them.  The war could start in Syria (already a proxywar between the USA and Russia / Saudi Arabia and Iran).  There are just so many possibilities.  While much of infowars these days is on the election…dig through recent posts and see what is going on.  Go to infowars or alex jones on youtube or www.youtube.com.

Wikileaks has revealed that the same money that funds ISIS funds Hilary  – they have no intention of letting her lose.  The entire election is rigged (they have already found “election coverage” prepared at major media outlets that have all the results in, they have millions of people signed up as voters that are dead, and there have been countless ballets stuffed and found already filled out for the Democrats long before the election – look it up on Youtube).  So if she “wins” it is likely there will be civil uprising.  If she loses – it is likely the powers that be will initiate civil war as an excuse for martial law.

And finally, the takeover of the USA by globalists is well known known – and 17 intelligence agencies are rising up to over throw the bloodless coup that has already taken please See Dr. Steve Pieczenik’s video below.  This is bone chilling and is happening right now.  I assume it is ongoing.

Everything we have known to be true is being proved false.  Democracy is a sham.  Freedom of the press is gone.  All the mainstream media are owned by the Globalists.  You will find nothing truthful there.  Please seek out the free press (internet) while it is still available.  Control of the internet was just handed over to the global government October 1st…they have already started censuring heavily.

There has been a report anticipating terrorist attacks on New York, Virginia and Texas on monday – an anticipated election spoiler.  Again – check out the clips below then do your own research.  Please.

See the truth while it may be found.  Seek Jesus while it is still today.  Tomorrow may be too late.


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