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Planet x Niburu

November 2016 photo from flight between Las Angeles and San Francisco at sunset.

There is another solar system within our solar system.  Some people call it Planet X, some call it Niburu, some call it Nemesis.  It has been known about for a long time but the authorities don’t want you to know about it because that would cause panic and confusion.   Yes, it will cause great destruction when it gets closer.

There are people that spend every hour of every day researching this and they will do a better job than me explaining it. (see below)

These two photos are from Skywatch media and were taken recently on a flight between Las Angeles and San Francisco.  The system is best seen at sunrise or sunset because the sunlight reflects off them just like it does off the moon at night. (I took them from this video)

These planets will come very close to earth in the very near future and cause absolute chaos from earthquakes and tsunamis to volcanos, extreme weather and a pole shift.  This is serious and many will die.  An entire asteroid belt is travelling with them and we will likely pass through the middle of it causing catastrophic damage.  Many believe that already we are seeing signs of their influence on the weather which the  government is attributing to man-induced global warming.

This mayhem is documented in the book of Revelation and other prophetic books in the Bible (one of the heavenly bodies is called Wormwood in the book of Revelation).  I don’t write about this to cause fear or panic – I write about this to inform you that the end is very very near.  No amount of physical preparation can prepare you for this, people WILL hide in caves or underground bunkers and will still not be safe.

Planet X Niburu

November 2016 photo taken on a flight from Las Angeles to San Francisco at sunset.

The authorities are flat out lying to you.  They have known about this for a long time because of their space probes and have had time to prepare refuge for themselves.  Who tells the truth?  The Bible and Jesus of course – this has been predicted for millennia in scripture.  It will come as no surprise to those who know Him.  As always, turn to Jesus and trust Him in all things.  Be ready to go home by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, repenting of all sin, and getting to know the word of God!  Then TRUST Him and read psalms 91 and 23.

Evidence for the Rogue Solar System

I have been following Steve Olson’s channel since January 2016.  At that time the planets were barely visible.  They are getting much nearer and therefore much bigger now.  Every day people from all over the world send in photos.  Many from massive institutional sky cams others that are seen with the naked eye.  Many believe that the airplane chemical trailing is in an effort to hide these bodies which are best seen at sunset or sunrise.  Steve also hypothesizes that they have some sort of blocking lens between us and the sun that obscures them.  Before you scoff and dismiss this post, please go to his channel and check out his year’s worth of evidence from all over the world.  Other good youtube channels include Skywatch Media News (below)

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See below for one that was posted yesterday (Nov 4th) then check out many other videos from Steve’s Youtube channel called WSO.  It is exhaustive and compelling.


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