Planet X Niburu – Should You Be Worried?

planet x NIBURU


Planet X Niburu is a hotly contested subject and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. NASA denies it, but as people are now taking videos and pictures from the earth of these heavenly bodies (as opposed to telescopes way out in space)…I think it’s worth paying attention to. The Bible is clear that in the end days catastrophe after catastrophe is going to hit the earth on a scale so large it’s hard to imagine. The planet X scenario is a viable and reasonable explanation for much of the earthly carnage that is foreshadowed in the prophetic books of the Bible.

Already we are seeing shifting poles, an increase in volcano activity, earthquakes, sink holes, high winds etc.  All of this could be explained by the presence of a large bodies coming nearer to us.

URGENT: God is putting it on my heart that this is URGENT. By all means do the research…but it is coming FAST! Don’t delay. Many millions of people will be killed in the first fly by. Is it in March? I don’t know. But I care enough about you to post this warning!

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If you have read my website ( you will know we are in end times. So keeping your eyes on the skies is a really good idea. The bible also says that the destruction will be “sudden” meaning most people will not be expecting it. So I suspect…any scientific background on this from NASA will be denied right up to the end in order to not panic the masses. You can bet the government leaders will be “safe” underground!

I have posted in a variety of blog posts to try to keep this all straight.

a) Discover Ministries – Pastor Steve gives an excellent balance of scientific fact and fallacy as it relates to Planet X and Bible and human history.

b) Recent science on Planet X/ Niburu.

c) Photos of Planet X/ Niburu and the small solar system within our solar system.

d) Current prophetic words regarding Planet X/ Niburu

I have gone to this depth to help you understand why many people believe this is coming. But ultimately this knowledge won’t stop it coming but it should prepare you for it. The only way to prepare is spiritual. Tell your family you love them and give your life to Jesus Christ. He promises to take you out of the storm and take you home.

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