Photos of Planet X Niburu 2015 – 2016

planet x diagram


Photos of Planet X Niburu

So has Planet X Niburu been covered up by the government? Or is this just a conspiracy theory that will pass? What’s with all the photos of Planet X  and its small solar system that appears to be hurtling towards us being taken around the world?  Below are examples of amateur photographers capturing this phenomenon on film.  There are many more on the web.  Come to your own conclusions!

(Note:  if this thing flies close to the earth it will literally turn us upside down!  Get right with God NOW because you may not have the chance.  It will cause tsunamis hundreds of feet high, earthquakes world wide, a pole shift etc.  PLEASE get right with God.  Heaven is a beautiful place and He loves you so!  Call the name of Jesus at any time, in any circumstance and He will meet you there!)

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PHOTOS (CURRENT – Nov. 2015 – Feb 17th, 2016)

The Niburu Solar System – Seeing is believing (photos)


Best Ever Niburu photo, California Dec. 20th 2015


Niburu Greatest Recorded images to date Feb 2016 South America


Niburu video – Seychelles Feb 17th, 2016



Two Massive Planets seen in three countries at the same time


Niburu’s Moon Helion San Francisco Jan. 23rd 2016

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