Mayhem and Then a Wedding!

woodpeckersI  had the most beautiful experience this morning and had to share…

I have two bird feeders outside the window and I enjoy watching them feed. I also feed the bunnies which is going to be a problem for the garden this year…but I digress…

For the last two weeks the bird feeders have been really quiet.  Not really sure why.  Then this morning about a hundred starlings arrived.  They made a huge noise and a huge mess.  While two birds attacked the feeders the seeds went flying and the rest of the flock sat below and picked the seeds off the ground.  It was absolute mayhem!  In my mind they were “wasting it” because the seeds were gone from the feeder.  After awhile I just shooed them away.  But then the amazing happened…

Suddenly my back yard was filled with birds.  Crows.  Woodpeckers.  And many others that I had never seen before and don’t know the names of – I was speechless.  Over the space of the morning I had many many visitors happily eating all the seed off the ground.

And the crowning moment?  Two woodpeckers started doing a mating dance on the top of the grape arbour.  Back and forth they went with tails fluttering and heads bobbing.  It was absolutely beautiful!  None of this would have happened if the starlings hadn’t “wrecked” the bird feeders.

It made me reflect on the mayhem that is about to unfold on this earth…and the fact that out of this mess many millions of people will come to know Christ.  Not only that…but this whole journey ends with a wedding…the culmination of a beautiful courtship that began when God first created mankind.

We are almost at the end of the journey…just a few more steps and we are home!

God bless you all.


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