God’s Judgement of the World is Now

God's Judgement

This world will soon be judged

God’s Judgement of this world is long overdue.  

God is a loving God  and a patient God but His patience is running out. And this world is running out – it will soon be judged.  Why does it need judgement?  Because the entire earth has turned away from our loving righteous creator and turned to worship self and sin.  The world is being suffocated with sin.  From God’s perspective, it needs to be purified.  The last time it was purified at the time of Noah, He cleansed the earth with water – a world wide flood that killed every soul except Noah and his family.  This time it will be fire.

Yes, fire.

Just as a criminal can run for all his life, when he gets caught and brought to justice he will have to face his sentence. God’s judgement is about to fall on the world and all of us –  starting with His church, His people, and all of their deeds followed by the “unbelievers”, the ones who don’t know Him.

Once you die you will go where your choices on earth send you – if you know Jesus, you will be with Him in Heaven for all eternity.  If you don’t know Him you will be in Hell and suffer for all eternity.  Once you die it is too late to make another choice.

This includes you and all the people you care about.

Is this fair? Do you believe this?  It doesn’t matter – it’s just the way it is.  Our ways are not His ways…and our ways are about to end.

For those of you who wonder about retribution for the atrocities committed by “the church” in the past. For those of you who wonder where God is when young women are raped and trafficked, where evil is done, where young men are trained to kill, where children are beheaded, where corporate profits take the place over clean water and air, and where animals die en masse because of human activity … you can rest assured that He IS coming and He WILL judge this earth, the people and the evil on it. We are all responsible for every act we have ever committed and every word that has come out of our mouth.

He hates sin but He has delayed this long because He wants the full number of people who are going to come to know Him to do so.  He loves every soul on earth and does not want one person to perish – which is why He has been warning and warning and warning…but most people do not listen.


If you are wondering why God allows evil on this earth it is because most of humanity has turned away from God and simply allows Satan free reign. Satan is the author of all the evil on the earth. God allows us free choice; most of us have unwittingly chosen the Devil over our Creator.

If you haven’t chosen God, Jesus Christ,
by default you choose Satan.

The message I keep getting from the Lord is
“Repent!  Repent!  Repent!  for I am coming now!”

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It is impossible to live in this sinful world and not sin.  So, even if you already know Him…please get down on your knees and repent daily. Repent for known and unknown sins and press into Him.  Spend as much time in prayer, worship, and fellowship with Him as you can daily.  This is not the time to be in the world – it is time to be cleaving to your God.

Get DESPERATE and URGENT with the Lord.  Understand that once we pass from this earth there are no more chances.


If you don’t know Him then you need to know Him now!  As God’s Judgement falls many bad things will happen – tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanos,  asteroid hits, wars, starvation, plagues…you can easily be caught in these and die before you have a chance to repent.  Don’t think you can leave it to the last minute!

If you are a “good” person:

Even if you are a good person – you are still a sinner and need to come to Jesus as your Saviour.   Don’t give into pride and believe you don’t need a saviour.  You do!  All mankind does.  Pride will keep you from God – that is why it is a sin!!

If you are a “bad” person:

Even if you are the worst evil person on the planet and have committed vile horrific acts against other people – God’s love is enough and He will forgive you and cleanse you but you MUST come to Him for salvation.  Don’t be ashamed…just come to Him.  He already knows what you have done and is longing to forgive you!

He has delayed this long and you still have a chance to be one of His…
but there are only milliseconds left on the clock!
Choose Him now before it is too late!

So – is the earth about to be judged?
Yes, our righteous God will purge this world of sin and it will be very painful for the whole world.

Does God love you?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  And He has done everything possible to make a way for you to come to Him.  He loves you with an everlasting love and He is waiting, right now for you to come and get to know Him.  Eternal life is a gift He gives freely and immediately when you come and ask!  But YOU MUST COME TO HIM AND ASK.

Do not delay – come to Him now!

If you are ready to know God, click here!

If you run to Him now you will be lovingly saved for all eternity.

God's judgement

You can know God now! Reach out to Him!

The lord revealed His judgement to this woman:

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