Sinner’s Song: I Confess I’m a Sinner



Come before God with a humble and repentant heart and He will forgive your sins and grant you eternal life.

I was born a sinner just like you.   We cannot stand before God because He is a holy God and we are not holy.  There is no evil, sin, pain, deception, disease etc. in Heaven so no sinner can go there.  God keeps Heaven pure.  Christ solved this great chasm between us by dying for our sins and taking our blame on Him.  This allows us to stand before God.  Even so, as we all walk we still have to keep coming back to God and confessing any ongoing sin.

I wrote this song when I was severely ill and thought I might die. What do you do when you think you might be dying? You ponder your eternal destination!

I wasn’t afraid of dying – because dying just meant I got to be with my Lord sooner than expected.  I was actually a little excited about that.  But I didn’t want to die and not be “ready” or to stand before Him with unconfessed sin.  I needed to get caught up with Him and confess some things.  I struggled to my knees and as I prayed to Him this song just poured out.  (Sometimes I think He composes the songs and I just write them down…with this song I’m pretty sure this was the case – I was too sick to be clever!)

It is based on the bible scripture 1 John 1:9
“If you confess your sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive”

As you listen come to Him with a humble heart, be prepared to surrender and confess and He will bless, forgive, restore and heal you.  Whether you have known Him a long time or you are just getting to know Him now this song will bless you.

In fact, if you don’t currently know God and you want to…and you ever wondered what words to say to get His attention – this will do it!  Yes, singing this song can bring you to know Him if your heart is right.  How cool is that?!? If you know anyone who needs to know Jesus, please send them this song!


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