Faith in Science or God. Is it the Same?

Faith in the Unseen

clouds and grassHow can you BELIEVE in something or someone you can’t see?
How can you TRUST something or someone you can’t see?
How can you KNOW someone or something you can’t see?
How can you PROVE someone or something you can’t see?

Well that takes FAITH to begin.  Then following a tried and true PROCEDURE.  Then looking for the EVIDENCE or outcome.

Faith in Science


We trust science daily based on procedures and outcomes.

A scientific argument goes something like this:
If you can’t measure it, test it, show it, or prove it…we don’t or can’t believe it exists.  This has always been their argument against God.  As science advances we find more and more ways to prove things exist; things we previously couldn’t see.

I remember the first time I ever did genetic engineering at University.  We were told there were a certain type of bacteria in solution in a vial.  We had to take the instructor’s word for it as they were too small to be seen (honestly it just looked like a vial of water).  We were told what their characteristics were.  We were told the procedures we had to do to change their characteristics (splicing their genes with another bacteria) then we were told we would know our experiment was successful by seeing the result.  No, we still couldn’t see the individual bacteria but we could see when they multiplied that their colony looked dramatically different than the colony of the original bacteria control group.  As a new Christian I remember thinking – wow, now this is faith!  I have to trust that they are telling me the truth because I can’t even see the bacteria let alone the  gene I am splicing into it! I didn’t even completely understand how I was splicing a gene into something just by stirring it into solution.  But amazingly I followed the steps outlined and yes, indeed, I had engineered a brand new type of bacteria…the evidence was clear in the petri dish!

Faith in God.  Can He be proven?


We take God’s provision and faithfulness for granted every day!

Well, like the above example it depends which tests you use.  I couldn’t see those bacteria with my eyes but it doesn’t mean they weren’t there.  I couldn’t hear them moving or breathing, test how fast they run, ask them a philosophical question, take an x-ray or CT scan etc.  I had to “see them” by colonizing the original bacteria and the resulting bacteria on two petri dishes and wait for them to multiply to show their differences.  Then…I could prove they exist and that the experiment was successful.  While it might seem blasphemous to compare God to bacteria what I’m really comparing is our limited system of understanding and the process you have to go through to believe in something.  First it takes faith, then it takes evidence!

What walked me through my disbelief with the science experiment was three things:
1.  I trusted my professor, he was a rational well-educated guy and I didn’t think he would lie to me about this.
2.  I trusted the text book, I knew every other student taking this course was using it.
3.  I knew my mark for the course depended on it so I needed to get this right.

What walked me through a life-time of disbelief about God was also three things:
1.  I trusted the person who told me about God.  He was a rational and well-educated guy and had no reason to lie to me about this.  I could also see that he “had” something I didn’t.  It was very real!
2.  I trusted the book (Bible).  I knew that Christians for 2000 years had been using this and meeting God through the Bible.
3.  I knew that somehow this affected my life and eternity.  Even though I didn’t understand exactly how…I decided that IF there was a God…why wouldn’t I want to know?  And IF there was a God, then I could find out pretty quickly!

And I did.  It wasn’t right away.  Just like I had to wait on the bacterial colony to multiply, I had to wait a few hours  after I prayed to receive Him to experience God.  At first, nothing happened.  I was so disappointed!  But I was told – “have faith” the Bible says that

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Romans 10:13)
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  (Jeremiah 29:13)

And amazingly, they were right!  When I woke up the next morning God was filling my room.  He was everywhere!  He was peace, He was joy, He was comfort, He was real!!!  No, I couldn’t see Him.  But I could FEEL Him.  He was as real as my own body.

Ok so I had faith, I followed the procedure (prayed to receive Him) and then I had results.  But was that it?


I called on Jesus in the airplane and He healed me of epilepsy immediately!

He was with me like that for days.  Then a week after I invited Him in I was on an airplane flying to a remote area of the country.  I had had epilepsy for the last 5 years and was on medication but on that flight I suddenly started having a seizure.  I was a bit panicky because it was a very small plane and  even though I was strapped in tight I felt that if I started really seizuring badly people might react and cause a plane crash.  I couldn’t even speak at this point, all I knew to do was call on the Lord Jesus inside my head.  Well, I did, immediately the seizure stopped and I knew instinctively that I was cured.  Indeed, it has been almost 30 years and I have never had another seizure.

So, here’s a great example of an invisible God loving me, being with me, and when I called out in time of trouble He not only intervened and “saved me” again – He cured me of something that I was told was incurable.  So the new colony of bacteria showed me I had done genetic engineering…God’s curing me of epilepsy showed me He is not only real, He is our Saviour and He is a living listening God who still loves us, hears us, and heals us!

People who scoff at faith don’t realize how many things they take by faith each day:
Faith that the green light means they can go through the intersection without being hit.
Faith that the guy who has the red light will stop!
Faith that the pilot knows how to fly the plane and is sober.
Faith that the engineer has done his math right on the bridge/ apartment building/ highway system.
Faith that the mechanic has tightened the 4 bolts on your tire so it doesn’t fly off when you are driving.

We put tremendous faith into our man made world.

But what about God’s world, the one we live in?  You already have faith in God’s world, you just don’t realize it.

You have Faith that the sun will come up tomorrow because you have seen it come up every day of your life.
Faith that the flowers will come up and trees will grow leaves in spring because they do every spring.
Faith that dogs chase cats but if you raise them from infancy they will get along just fine.
Faith that we can walk outside and breath the air.Faith that if we plant a seed and water it, it will grow.


God is Faithful Everyday. Why not get to know Him?

This list is endless.  God shows His faithfulness to this earth and to each of us each day!  You already trust Him with your daily life – you just don’t understand it!

Turn to Him now and RECEIVE His life inside you to actually get to know this incredible God who loves you so much!
He is available to you right now to love you, forgive you and know you.  Click Here!


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