Spiritual Authority Is Yours – Use It!

Spiritual Authority

Take Spiritual Authority Over Darkness

Power to Rule

If you have been born again of Jesus Christ then as His child you have been given the spiritual power and spiritual authority to rule over darkness and the demonic principalities. Use it! In the morning, take command of the day; don’t leave your day up to others and certainly not up to the devil!

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome
all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.  Luke 10:19

[ Jesus Sends Out the Twelve ] When Jesus had called the Twelve together,
he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases,  Luke 9:1

Do the following and put Satan in his place – under your feet!
(Important:  This is not a prayer to be memorized but below are ideas of things you can declare to get you started…feel free to use them then insert your own!  If you have trouble believing this, find the scripture that backs it up or use scripture that you know.)

The Lord gives you Spiritual Authority.  Declare who He is.
Lord you are the maker of the universe, you are the great “I AM”, you are the KING ABOVE ALL KINGS, you are the one who LOVES MY SOUL, you are the one who OVERCAME DEATH and Hades, you are the VICTOR in all things and have DEFEATED SATAN! There is nothing and no-one in this universe more POWERFUL than you and I trust you completely!  IN YOU ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Declare who you are in the Lord.
I am your BELOVED CHILD, I am your SPOTLESS BRIDE, I am your CHOSEN ONE, I am REDEEMED, I am RESTORED,  I am FORGIVEN, I am an OVERCOMER in your name, I am COVERED BY YOUR BLOOD. I was sent here to RULE and REIGN, to LOVE the people of this earth and to share TRUTH and REVELATION with them!

Remind the Devil that you are dangerous to him and he is defeated.
Satan, I have nothing to do with you. I am made DANGEROUS by the TRIUNE GOD. The HOLY SPIRIT is my best friend! The HOST OF HEAVEN is on assignment for me to give GLORY TO GOD. And my only purpose is to give glory to God! You are defeated and I am NOT afraid of you!

Ask for Victory, Grace, and Life for your day and declare your love and trust.

Lord I ask you for VICTORY and GRACE for today.

I ask that your GLORY be on me RIGHT NOW!

Let me walk in your ANNOINTING!

Lord I want to live in your WILL and your WAY!

Lord I thank you for all things. I especially thank you for ABUNDANT GRACE  and LIFE.

I LOVE you! I TRUST you! I EXALT you! And I PRAISE you!

I declare that your WILL BE DONE in my life, my family’s life, and my friends’ lives.


I CHOOSE to be CHOSEN as a vessel to contain you and a MIGHTY WARRIOR in your name!

I BLESS and FORGIVE all my enemies and pray they come to know you as their SAVIOUR. AMEN!!!

Further thoughts…

We rule and reign with Christ on earth. Take your power!!

We have spiritual authority over evil in our neighbourhood, our relatives, where we travel to etc. The host of heaven will go ahead of us and pull down the enemy’s strongholds – IF WE ASK!

Lord I ask you to strip away all the power of the enemy operating in my home (in the store I’m about to go to, at my child’s school etc.) and I will not tolerate the enemy coming against me or manifesting in my house (in that store, school etc). I release the host of heaven to go pull down the strong-holds that they’ve been operating in.

and finally…

BLESS PEOPLE. Do what the enemy doesn’t want you to do – his job is to take things away from you and make you nothing – remind him that you are EVERYTHING IN CHRIST and he (Satan) can take nothing from you! By blessing people you confound and confuse him!

Note: All the above thoughts are taken from Kat Kerr broadcasts. Here is one below. It is well worth listening to…you will be blessed!



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