Does God Love Me? Know Now!

Does God love you? Yes!

God loves you more than you can imagine!

God Loves with Everlasting Love

Does God love you?  The quick answer?  Yes, absolutely.  God loves you with everlasting love.  A love so far beyond what you can understand it will take the rest of eternity to show you.  If you want to know God right now go here. Otherwise please stick with me for the explanation.

In the “End Times” tab of we talk about the signs that tell us we are in end times and some of what is about to unfold. One thing that’s about to unfold is a religious war that will likely span the whole earth. It’s really important to understand that while it would appear there are many faiths on the earth, many religions, many systems, many governments, many countries etc.; there are really only two forces that men follow on earth: God and Satan. Good and evil. Light and dark.  Take a moment to think about this and understand.

All arguments, civil wars, religious divisions, misunderstandings come down to what’s beneath the surface – greed/ power/ lust/ pride etc.  These are all attributes of evil, and the author of rebellion and evil is Satan.

We often ask ourselves…”If God loves me then why did _____ happen?”  This could be anything from a bad experience with a friend, being passed over for a job, sexual abuse as a child, life-threatening injury etc.  But what we often blame God for, is in fact, Satan busy trying to destroy us.  While most people rarely thank God for the good things, they live their busy lives and only stop to ponder God when something bad happens…then they start questioning.  And often blaming Him for their misfortune.  As we come into end times and bad things start getting worse (climate change, wars, catastrophe, crop failures, new viruses, economic failure etc.) , people are likely going to start blaming God instead of Satan or even mankind – the true authors of this mess.

There IS an adversary in this world, His name is Satan, the Devil or many other names in different cultures. His main purpose is to destroy mankind whom God loves so dearly.

god vs devil

God is not only real, He is the creator of the universe, the author and perfector of your faith and life, and an eternal being that loves you more than you can possibly understand.

You have been lied to all your life by a world that is set up against God. He has very little to do with the religions of the world. As you have always suspected, much of religion is set up by man and frankly excludes God.

Forget what you think God is, or religion is – this is between you and your creator.

If you have been hurt by religion, or by religious people, please let that go while you read this. Try to separate the systems of the world (which are largely corrupt), and the people of the world (who are all fallen sinners) from the wonderful, living God who loves you dearly and knows every hair on your head. And never underestimate the devil who wants to destroy mankind. He uses man’s greed and lust for power to destroy others, and he’s very good at it!

Satan is the father of lies and the biggest lie that the Devil has you believe is that he’s not real! He can do more damage to you that way.  He is very real and very active on the world stage and in your mind and relationships.  He’s also very good at making  you doubt.  So, does God love you?  Yes!  Emphatically yes!

God LOVES you and wants you to live in Heaven for eternity with Him,

Satan HATES you and wants you to live in Hell for eternity with him.

Put another way –
Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy
but Jesus came so you could have abundant, eternal life. (John 10:10)

Rejoice!  The name of Jesus breaks every evil.  Love conquers evil.  And Jesus IS love!

Even though we have an adversary.  Even though Satan tries his best to bring you down.  Even though he is creating great evil and is bent on destroying this whole world understand that

a)  The Devil’s time is almost up.  He will be conquered and thrown in the pit very soon.
b)  God has provided a way for you to know Him and defeat Satan in your own life.
c)  In the end we will rule and reign with Him victorious!

God Sent His Son So We Could Be Reconciled to Him

Does God love me? Yes, look what He did!

Jesus loved you enough to die for you, even when you hated Him!

What a wonderful god He is!  He loves us and wants us to be with Him.  So He sent Jesus to be a sacrifice for our sins.  I will explain more in the “Know God Now” tab why this sacrifice was needed, but the point is, He did for us what we need in order to be right with God and access heaven.  All we have to do is receive Him as our Saviour.

For a more in depth discussion on this click here.

To know God now click here.


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