Where Will Your Soul Spend Eternity?

Your body will die but your soul and spirit are created to be eternal.

your soul is eternal

Your soul is eternal. Where will you spend eternity?

Have you thought of where you would like to spend eternity?  It’s simply not true that once we die we are gone…in fact our life is just beginning.

In the same way that energy cannot be destroyed but it only changes form … (i.e. The energy of friction turns to heat, or the energy of water can change to electricity)

… we cannot be destroyed but only change form from the physical realm to the spiritual realm.

There are only two eternal destinations for our soul:  heaven or hell.

Heaven is where God dwells.  He is pure and holy and full of love.  To be in heaven you must also be pure and holy and full of love.  The problem is, because Satan is in control of this earth, and we are born into sin, none of us are pure and holy.  Even our best “good” is not good enough.  We are so steeped in his ways that we don’t even recognize this!  If we were to go to Heaven as we are, then Heaven would become like earth – sick with death, malice, greed, lust and sin.  God will never allow that.  He says only those that are pure and holy will enter.

Hell is where Satan dwells.  It is full of darkness, pain, suffering, misery and death.  As if that weren’t bad enough…Hell is eternal.  That means it goes on forever.

Of course you’d rather be in Heaven!  But how do you get there?  I promise I will tell you tomorrow.

But if you want in depth information on God or how to get to Heaven now  go here.


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