Beginning of WWIII

When Will World War III Start?

dome of the rock

(Update: November 18, 2016.  I wrote this a year ago, so much has happened since.  The bulk of this post is still completely relevant however..all these events will take place.  Obama and Clinton were really pushing us to war for the last year…tensions seem to have eased now that Trump is President Elect…but I suspect Obama may implement something before he leaves office.  So, please read this with that in mind…the Dome of the Rock is still key!  There are also those predicting an ISIS attack on the White House…stay tuned!)

Short answer?  It would appear to be very very soon.  In fact, some believe it has already started and is building quietly while nations jostle for position.   Nathan (link below) a young Jewish boy who died and was taken to heaven received information there he couldn’t have received anywhere else.  He says the war will last 2 weeks, the entire world will come against Israel, their protective dome will only last 2 days and 2 million Jews will die.  He says the war actually started September 11th and a big explosion will cause the war to escalate to the entire world rapidly.

When looking at Bible prophecy you have to look at a lot of different verses and make sense of the time you are living in.  I know, for example, that many people thought WWII was the end of the world and Hitler was the Anti-Christ.  Who could have imagined a bigger monster?  Well, there is a bigger monster and he is on earth already.  What he is about to unleash is beyond your wildest imaginings and worst nightmares

If you have read the end times tab of this website ( you will know that we are in end times.  In fact I believe we are counting down the minutes, if not the seconds until the end.  Or really, the beginning of the end because once it starts there are 7 years to go for this earth.  Luckily, the war will not be that long.  It will be short, but it will be devastating and it’s likely that millions of people will die around the world.  The Anti-Christ will be the one who brokers the peace, will look like the hero and will become the leader of the whole earth.  It’s also sadly likely that the person who starts the war will be the one who ends it and brokers peace, I.E the Anti-Christ but he will make it look like someone else started it. (Please be clear that I have no worldly military knowledge of this, only what God is speaking right now and the bible prophecy that is readily available.)

the lord is nearI encourage you to be in prayer to God, to Jesus, and ask Him to clarify everything I am about to say.  Check with the Holy Spirit and see if He confirms this.  I don’t want anyone to believe me as the gospel truth, I am just reporting what I understand from prayer,  from timelines, from listening to prophets (people who the Lord is speaking to intensely in these last days) and from reading the scriptures.  (If you don’t know the Lord yet, please Click Here.  Don’t waste another minute!!!)

Here is a message dated December 6th, 2015 from the Lord Jesus




to Claire DuBois:

Time is winding down and events are winding up.  The enemy is closing in on the nation of Israel.  The turn-key event will be the destruction of the Dome of the Rock.  

Google this place, it is one of Islam’s most holy places, it is in Jerusalem on the site of the previous two Jewish Temples.  It is where Jesus walked and taught.  As discussed in the end times tab, the Jews are ready to build their new temple and a temple must be built for all the end time prophecies to be fulfilled.  Prophecy watchers have always wondered how we could be this close to the end but the temple hasn’t been rebuilt.  Well, the obvious answer is that someone will destroy it.

This act will bring the entire world to war.  Regardless of who does the destroying (ISIS, the Muslims, the Jews, the USA, the UN, the power brokers and arms dealers who WANT the world to be at war, the Anti-Christ or a combination of these interest groups) nations will rise up against each other and all will turn against Israel.  (Nathan says it will be Obama and the USA who starts it, we will find out shortly!)

The Lord continues…

When you see that, drop to your knees, that will be the beginning of trials such as this nation has never seen or dreamed of.  Even those planning the events will be shocked at the repercussions.  Do not be afraid, I tell you ahead of time, do not be afraid.  Drop to your knees, give thanks, for your redemption draweth nigh.prayer-on-my-knees4

Note:  By nation, He is talking about the USA but the repercussions will be world-wide.  When He says do not be afraid He istalking to His saved people.  If you are NOT one of His saved people please drop to your knees and receive His grace and mercy!  If you ARE a Christian or think you are please it is a time for deep repentance.  Bottom line – REPENT for any sin you can think of.  Be ready to face the end of the world that you know.  Be ready for the end of your life.  Understand that He is coming to take His church, the people that love Him, away to safety.   But He is looking for people who are “spotless”, that is no dirt or stains on them. If you are a nominal Christian you will be left here for the Tribulation like everyone else.  If you love Him dearly and seek Him urgently He will take you with Him.  Just like Noah and his family were saved from the flood, the Lord will take His loved ones to safety.  Understand this and believe it!!!  Again, no matter who you are, get down on your knees, take Him as your Saviour and repent for anything you can think of.  Keep going deeper until He gives you peace.  He WILL forgive you if you are sincere.  No matter who you are or what you have done.  Again, Click Here to know Him.

It will be a time of unsurpassed wailing and travail.  Nations will crumble before your very eyes and all eyes will be upon Jerusalem.  There will be no more time left for preparations, no time at all – only prayer, do you understand?  Do not go out, do not leave your houses, drop to your knees and pray.  The Divine Mercy Chaplet is second only to prayer in My Spirit.  The last drops of mercy will fall from the Goblet of Hope, the very last drops.  Those who have turned to Me will be saved, some as going through the fire.

Fear is useless, only prayer and trust.   Say “Jesus, I trust in You”, over and over and over again.

Understand this – nothing else matters right now except getting right with God.  Seriously, nothing else.  As the Lord says, drop to your knees, repent, and put all your faith and trust in Him.

F.A.I.T.H. means “Forsaking All I Take Him”.
Forsake this world, forsake your pride, forsake anything that is not Him.  This world is about to collapse and you don’t want to be here!



  1. Thank you for the information. I’m convinced Jesus’ return in the Rapture is IMMINENT!

    • Yes indeed! I feel His footsteps! Please share this site with as many people as you can. I feel the urgent need to make people aware!

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