Is Hell Real? Find out!

Hell is Worse Than You Can Imagine

hell womanWhy would a loving God create Hell and send man there – the mankind He loves more than anything in His creation? The answer is simple: it was not intended for mankind, He created it for the devil and the demons who rebelled and spawned evil in the universe and who WILL spend the rest of eternity there. But He graciously gave mankind freedom of choice and will lovingly continue to call all of us to Him right down to the last moment of history.

Unfortunately the majority of people choose to rebel against God and seek their own paths. Many people are indoctrinated into evil; many choose rebellion out of ignorance.   Many are simply too proud to bend their knee to God. They have made themselves God in His place. The absurdity of this is obvious. Kind of like the old saying – he who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client… God is real and all powerful – Would you abandon eternity with Him so you have 15 minutes of being “right” in your mind on earth?   Please don’t let this be you!

Don’t Jump In the Volcano!

hell falling off cliffScriptures say that the tribulation will be “hell on earth”. But know this…Hell is very real and much worse than the tribulation will be. People who have died, gone there and been brought back to life on the operating table say it’s indescribably horrific. Imagine being tossed into an active volcano: the heat sears you, you can’t breath, you can’t move, you are attacked by demons relentlessly yet somehow you still exist. However bad it gets here on earth at least there will be an end to it. But Hell is eternal. If you end up there there is no way out and your suffering is eternal.

You don’t want to be there.

crossHeaven is also real…and it is full of love, light, joy, peace and Christ.  Why would you want to be anywhere else? Click Here for stories of Heaven.


Some have said, in their pride, that if God was the kind of God who would send non-believers to Hell then he didn’t want to know Him and would rather burn in Hell.

This is a ridiculous statement. God has given us warning after warning after warning. It’s as simple as “Don’t jump in the volcano or you will burn to death”. He is saying, “Don’t give your life to the devil for you will burn in agony forever” …

He is also saying “I LOVE YOU – COME TO ME NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE”. He has made provision for you. He has died for you. He is calling you daily… please don’t ignore Him any longer.

Don’t let your pride cost you your life for all eternity!

Today He is calling you through me. He loves you, and I love you.

We are pleading for you to come before it’s too late.

This isn’t about me being right and you being wrong. This isn’t about me trying to shove my “religion” down your throat. Yes, I am desperate for you to know the truth but I have nothing to gain by you coming to Christ – it’s you who have everything to gain!! This is me offering you the most precious gift in the universe! Freely, and with no hidden agenda!

Don’t be fooling into taking the world standard as your standard.  Choose the narrow gate as the Bible says:

13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. (Matthew 7:13)

The Bible has always warned us about Hell but since medical care has improved and we are bringing many people back after clinically dying, there are more and more testimonies of people who have literally been to Hell and back. There are also people that God gives prophetic dreams to and He in effect takes them to heaven or Hell to show them. God wants you to understand the realities about the afterlife – He wants you to make an informed choice! In these last days He is revealing much to many people and they are posting their revelations on the internet.

Here is a sampling of clips. Listen to people who have died and experienced the afterlife. It is chilling to listen to those who have seen hell; honestly it should put you on your knees immediately! And it is beautiful to listen to those who have seen heaven – exciting even! If you don’t like these…google your own, there are lots!

Man dies in plane crash and sees Hell

Atheist professor goes to Hell

23 minutes in Hell – Bill Wiese – this is long (45 min. lol) but it’s one man’s journey into Hell. He explains all those questions you have about God and Hell. Watch this!!!

Hellfire – most powerful hell testimony ever

Hell Fire is real: shocking video

Hell is real: disturbing video

Testimonies of heaven and Hell – wonderful stories!

The best stories of people who have seen Heaven and Hell

I don’t believe in Hell

Iranian muslim died and met jesus

Ex-suicide bomber testimony – escape from Hell

I died from a heart attack and went to Hell: Jesus saved me

Jesus came into Hell and saved me as I was scorching in flames

Also, google Muslims who are becoming Christian. There are many thousands of Muslims who are coming to Christ through dreams, visions, and simply because they are witnessing fellow Muslims butcher their families and friends.

If you want to know Jesus now Click Here!


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