Is Heaven Real? Find out!

A question every person on earth asks themselves is heaven gate cropped“Where do I go when I die?”  or “Is there life after death?”  If you’ve been reading my website ( you will know that God makes beings eternal and there are only two places to go after you die:  Heaven or Hell.

So yes, there is life after death (or life after life really!).  And yes, Heaven is a real place.  In fact, people who have died and been brought back to life say that both Heaven and Hell are actually more real than this reality.   Life on earth seems life a dream compared to the reality of the afterlife.  So Hell is more horrific than you can imagine and Heaven is more amazing than you can imagine – and both are eternal.

We were created as spiritual beings and after our body dies our spirit continues on.

The bottom line:
whoever you belonged to on earth (Satan or God) 
you will belong to in eternity.

Heaven is the place where you live in joy, peace, love and happiness with the Father God.  It’s really a coming home as we exist because He exists.

Heaven is not only full of God’s love, glory, abundance and mercy it is far more beautiful than people can describe.  For example, those who have seen it say that there are many more colours than we have here, that everything is alive (in fact the flowers sing!), and that everything you could possibly want or need is there.  As Kat Kerr says:

“They say you can’t take it (your belongings) with you.  And why would you?
The finest treasures on earth can’t even begin to compare with anything in Heaven.”

And as the Bible says:
” no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined,
what God has prepared for those who love him”  (1 Corinthians 2:9)

In heaven there is no fear, no pain, no sorrow, no decay, no illness, no anger etc.  It is a place of perfect peace.  There is so much love that, indeed, the lions do lie down with the lambs and mankind lives together in perfect harmony.

Contrasting this, Hell is the place where you live in eternal separation from God and eternal torment. (and no, God does NOT send people to Hell, He longs for everyone to be with Him.  People CHOOSE Hell when they choose to turn away from God). (for more info on Hell  Click Here ) .

The question is…who do you belong to?  Satan or God?  Do you

a) have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ where you received Him as your Saviour? or

b) Do you live for yourself?  For money?  For power?  For pleasure?  Do you deny God or give lip service to Him once a year at church?  Do you believe that following God is for the weak and you don’t need Him?  Do you believe you’re not a sinner and don’t need a saviour?  Do you follow a faith that suits your lifestyle or take snippets from different faiths that you like?  Do you justify bad behaviour by reasoning that you are mostly good?  If you said yes to any of “b”  then you most definitely do NOT belong to God and won’t be spending eternity with Him.

Heaven is a holy, pure place and mankind is not holy.  We are all sinners, every one of us!  If sinful man were allowed to enter Heaven then it would end up being just like Earth – a toxic, death filled, corrupt, decaying place.    For some, not being able to admit that we are sinners is not only our biggest sin but the thing that keeps us from God!  But God in His great mercy did something amazing for us…He gave His only begotten son to die for our sins.  Click here to understand this more deeply. I mention it here because of the following statement:

The only way to Heaven is by the blood and redemption of Jesus Christ.  That is you MUST know Christ and take Him as your Saviour to enter Heaven.  You can’t “behave”  or “good works” your way into heaven, neither can you buy your way, bribe your way, reason your way, or kill  your way as one religion suggests.

God sees all, knows all and loves all…
and has made this one provision for every human being on earth.  

So forget religion, or what/who says they are right or wrong…and understand that God has provided for one simple way for you…you just have to ask!

You don’t need a priest, or a rabbi, or an Imam etc.  You don’t need to be religious.  You don’t need to give your money to anyone, or bow down before anything, or recite prayers/ chants etc.  You can speak directly to God and be saved in moments.  Truly!

There are many opinions about heaven and how to get there.  But the only one that really matter is Jesus’s.  This is what He said:

 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.”  (John 14:6)


 And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.  (Acts 4:12)

The bible says that that we are really just sojourners here on earth and that Heaven is our real habitation.  That is, here on earth we may be Canadians or Russians or Chinese but in actuality we all just belong to Heaven.  Through knowing Jesus we are transformed to become more holy and one day we will exchange this physical body for one that is glorious.

 But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.”   (Philippians 3:20-21)


Below is a painting of a place in Heaven by a young artist named Akiane.  She started painting scenes of Heaven when she was a very small child.  If you want some visuals on how beautiful Heaven is, this is the place to start!

Below that are some videos by people who have died and been brought back to life after seeing/ being in Heaven.  They are fascinating and wonderful.  Please take the time to listen to a few.

God loves you and wants me to tell you this.  There is a beautiful and eternal home waiting for you in Heaven.  He wants you to know Him now and know Him forever in eternity.

Don’t believe that your life is just some sort of cosmic accident and that God is a myth – He designed Heaven with you in mind to bring you endless joy and endless love.

He stands at your door and knocks…please open!  This age is ending, and soon the ability to make this decision will be gone.


You tube is full of stories of people who have been to heaven.  Just google it.  but you can get started here!

6 People died and saw heaven

Testimonies of heaven and hell – wonderful stories!

Heaven is For Real

This is a true life story of a young boy who went to heaven.  Here is the trailer for the movie Heaven is For Real.  The full movie is available on youtube.

Greatest Heaven Visit: This man was dead for almost 2 hours!


Woman’s near death experience of heaven:

After death I saw heaven – Billy Graham

A woman describes heaven

Revealing Heaven – an eyewitness account by Kat Kerr

Are you ready to know the Lord Jesus?  Click here!

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