War Against Its People

campsThe war on terror has allowed Obama to undo and rewrite most of the constitution of the USA allowing him sweeping powers to take over almost everything and reduce citizens and the entire nation to house arrest. (Exactly as Hitler did before the Second World War). Governments around the world are increasing security and decreasing citizen’s rights in response to terrorism.

The US military has set up check points and detention centres across the country. They have just completed “Jade Helm” (fall of 2015) which was a massive military exercise dealing with “hostile states”. There are reports of over 800 detention centres around the United States. All have railroad tracks leading up to them aka Nazi Germany. There is reportedly one in Fairbanks Alaska that holds 2 million people! (just FYI Alaska’s current population is around 736,000!)

There are reports that the US Government has purchased

  • 102,000 box cars with leg irons in them
  • hundreds of thousands of coffins that fit 4 bodies each.
  • 30,000 guillotines for these detention centres (each can kill 100 people per hour so in a 10 hour day they could collectively kill 30 million people….it’s too hard for the brain to understand!)
  • 6 billion rounds of ammunition for use domestically. (These are hollow point bullets and not allowed to be used by the military).

Modern Guillotine


FEMA Coffins in USA; they hold 4 bodies each.

While there is controversy around the validity of some of these reports (official news agencies claim to ‘debunk” these reports) there are significant fears and enough indicators that they are preparing for civil war, massive casualties, systematic detention, and potentially mass slaying of civilians.  

Are these bogus internet conspiracy theories? Or a coming nightmare?

See this from somewhere who was there:




(google guillotines USA, detention centers, jade helm, civil war etc.)

The Bible says we are not fighting against flesh and blood but it’s a spiritual battle. You can’t see the spiritual but it’s very real. It’s what’s behind the actions of people that we need to be aware of and pray against:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

That is, we might think we are coming together to fight ISIS. But we are really fighting against the spirit that drives them to evil. Unfortunately, many suspect that we have to look even higher up…at the spirit that is driving men to fund ISIS in order to create chaos, in order to legislate security measures and wars, in order to bring world “peace” through domination…


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