Rise of the Beast Empire

666 fireDuring the 7 year Tribulation foretold in the Bible, “the Beast” empire will rise to power.  Is the Beast a person or a  powerful empire like the Roman or Muslim or Euro-American?  What is clear is that it will take over the entire earth. It will be brutal, totalitarian, global, all encompassing, and merciless. The person at the helm, inspired and animated by Satan himself will be the Anti-Christ and is signified by the number 666.  When you add up everything going on on the earth right now (as above: heading towards global religion, global currency, global government etc. coupled with compromised civil liberties, sweeping governmental powers, satanic agendas, radical climate events, and demonic spiritual attack) it adds up to something pretty frightening…but there’s more…

(google rise of the beast, the beast, 666, the beast end times etc.)

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