Conditioned to Accept the Beast and Satan

katy perry burningWe are seeing the number 666 and Satanic influence everywhere.  From Katy Perry doing her witch act at the grammies..


.to Madonna dressing up as occult goddesses or dancing with Satanic creatures….madonna and bullsto Hollywood remaking evil characters into good such as Maleficent.maleficent


to corporate logos such as  the following:

Google chrome

666 chrome


666 disney  666 disney 2

Monster energy drink.  (the scratches that make the “M” are three hebrew number 6s, making the M read 666

666 monster 2.


666 cern

666 trilateral comission

the United Nations logo!

666 UN


It is hidden in some ways and not in others.  Look at the 666 from this world rugby uniform…its 3 balls, not exactly 666…yet it is.

666 rugby world cup 2015Look at a recap of the opening ceremonies of the world rugby games 2015. The opening ceremonies were full of occult symbols including the giants coming out of the earth…as they sing “we are one” way too much explanation needed here…just trust me that the powers that be are brainwashing the masses at major events like this including world cup and Olympics. (just google “occult” or “illuminati” at opening ceremonies and see what people say about katy perry or Madonna at the superbowl:



Or Madonna at the Grammies 2015

Search satanic Grammies 2015 and see what comes up.

Katy Perry Satanic Grammies 2014

We are being conditioned to accept Satanism at a grand scale. As a blogger said about the 2015 grammies – what’s on for next year…child sacrifice? That’s how bad and blatant it is!

Even CERN (the European research organization that operates the large hadron collider) has it’s logo as a rotated 666 and has the Hindu goddess of destruction as it’s mascot…. There is so much more I could say about CERN but I will leave it to you to research the ominous spiritual abyss they are opening. (google 666, CERN and end times)

The earth is in a state of being taken over spiritually by something much bigger and more evil than we can imagine.  Believe that there is systematic evil in the world.  Believe that it’s getting  worse and worse and worse.  Once your eyes are open you will see this.

I wish this were just a really bad Hollywood movie but it’s not and I have to say it…

They are prepping the world for a complete take over!

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