Cashless Society Coming Soon

cashless big brotherThe cashless society has been a long time coming and it’s just around the corner. They already  track, monitor, and analyze everything you do, eat, buy etc. But once we are completely cashless you will not be able to buy without their system, knowledge, and permission. This will give them ultimate control.  Denmark is going completely cashless January 2016 with Sweden and Norway close behind.  The rest of us will fall in line shortly.  This will work perfectly for the  New World Order.  But what does it mean for you?

Bottom line:  You will not only be easily tracked (there will be no where to hide), if you don’t adopt their system (take their mark, their card etc.) you will not be able to buy, sell, take public transportation or live anywhere.  It is a fore runner and paves the way for the “Mark of the Beast”.
(google cashless society)

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