Anti-Christ and the False Prophet

anti christ and false prophetThe last days and the 7 year tribulation will be ushered in by a meteor storm, the confirming of a 7 year peace agreement with Israel, the False Prophet being at the head of the world religion and doing great signs and wonders, and the Anti-Christ taking power over the world.   These men will be the most powerful men in the history of the world.  The Bible states that the Anti-Christ will take over as leader after bringing “Peace”, but 3.5 years into a 7 year treaty his will show his true colours by setting himself up to be worshipped as god and persecuting people all over the world.  Millions, if not billions of people will die during this time unless they take the Mark of the Beast (see below).

Many people believe Obama is the Anti-Christ and the Pope is the False Prophet. Some people believe the Pope is the Anti-Christ and yet others believe that Anti-Christ will be a mid-eastern ruler (odds are on the leader of Turkey).  It doesn’t really matter, whatever their roles these men are clearly key players. The point is, keep an eye on them and understand the system that they are putting in place. It’s unfolding quickly – it will all be clear very soon.

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