One World Religion

one world religion blindfoldThis will be touchy but we have to face this because not only does the Bible says it’s about to happen and that the consequences are dire…but it is easy to see the events unfolding in front of our eyes right now.


How could this happen? The world is being pushed to the brink of war right now and leaders are strategizing like crazy. Nations will have to line up in either camp. While many of us in the West think of it as a “post-Christian” world, believe me when I say that the world is about to be galvanized into warring camps based on Muslim vs “infidels” (non-Muslim) or “Christian” nations. Radical Islam wants to take over the world. The Vatican will encourage all Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant churches and countries to unite as one.  The Pope is already showing his leadership skills and most already see him as the leader of the “Christian” world. People will be looking for a “moral authority” and will falsely believe it is the Pope.

As with the One World Government, terrorism will be used to show that religion is the cause of most conflicts and as a hammer to coerce people into accepting One World Religion.  The governing elite will promote the idea that if we all had one world religion there would be less to fight about.

The Pope is leading the charge internationally to unite the religions of the world. Recently he stated that the Christians and Muslims pray to the same God (patently untrue!!)  His efforts to create a One World Religion go hand in hand with the soon to appear One World Government. This “Super-Church” will profess love and caring on the outside but will stealthily persecute any person or faith that does not come in line with it. It will be more of a political entity than faith based. It will be a bizarre form of intolerance in the name of “love”.  It will have the power to tax all churches on earth making it even more rich and powerful. It will have control over simple things like marriage, and complex things like what you are allowed to believe and how you are allowed to worship.

Your faith in any other God than theirs will have to be denied in writing in order to keep world peace.  It will be a religion that is touted as one that doesn’t offend Islam.  People will comply or be beheaded.  It is that simple.

Anyone who does not agree with the articles of this new government and new religion will be coerced, persecuted, and executed. Pledge your allegiance or die.

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