One World Currency

one world currency

In spite of the fact that the American dollar seems to be rallying, its tenure is ending as the official oil and trade currency.

When the dollar begins to crash, because we are all closely linked to it, the economic shock around the world will be felt rendering most currencies worthless.  Yes, that likely includes the Canadian Dollar.  There will be widespread poverty, homelessness and starvation. Many are concerned that when the dollar fails it will provoke the starving masses to civil unrest and governments are preparing for martial law.

China is now surging forward as the biggest economy in the world and the Yuan just became a new reserve currency. Would we take the Yuan as the world currency? Well, it seems likely, as they are the only currency in the world that is actually backed by gold. (They have been strategically buying up all the free gold and gold mines. Many insiders say that gold and silver are being kept artificially low so the mines will go out of business and be bought up by the elite. It seems likely as gold and silver prices right now are below the cost of production). The UK Pound is not backed by gold and neither is the USD. The Swiss Frank started selling its gold in 2011 and now only backs about 7.5% of its reserve with gold. (It used to be 40%) Canada backs about 3% with gold.


(google economic crisis or breakdown or one world currency.)

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